Connecting business accounts with ERP software: Scopevisio now relies on finAPI

Scopevisio AG is one of the most successful cloud ERP providers in Germany. Since 2007, Scopevisio has been developing cloud-based, scalable business software for medium-sized companies. The ERP system has a modular structure so that companies can select individual modules and combine them with each other.

Automated accounting processes ease the daily workload

The finance module offers extensive accounting functions, to manage all tasks quickly and efficiently. Through the direct connection of the business accounts via bank interface, it is possible to always keep an eye on the current financial situation. In addition, this allows to automate accounting processes and reduce manual efforts.

Challenge: Reliable import of account transactions

To connect bank accounts to the software, a so-called banking API is required, i.e. an interface that connects the bank account to the software. When selecting the right partner, several criteria were important to Scopevisio, which is why they decided to switch to finAPI in fall 2022:

Solution: Switch to finAPI as new partner

For users, the switch to finAPI is done with just a few clicks and the login to online banking. Scopevisio offers online help for setting up online banking and retrieving account transactions. Through finAPI, not only bank accounts but also PayPal business accounts can be connected. Once set up, account transactions and balances can be retrieved directly from Scopevisio without the need to necessarily enter a TAN – the account transactions are updated automatically on a daily basis.

Initiate payments directly via online banking

Users can initiate payments directly via the finAPI bank interface. SEPA transfers and SEPA direct debits are done in seconds, and XML files are a thing of the past.

"The migration to the new bank interface from finAPI went smoothly for us and our customers. We are pleased to now be able to offer our customers a secure and reliable interface for importing account data and initiating payments, as well as other benefits such as automatic daily updates."
Silke Kanes
Chief Products Officer (CPO)

Benefits for users of Scopevisio ERP software

Automated, optimized and efficient accounting processes

Proven data protection & data security

About Scopevisio

Scopevisio AG offers highly functional, integrated enterprise software from the cloud that is as flexible, mobile and scalable as modern medium-sized companies expect today. Scopevisio is increasingly relying on artificially intelligent methods to automate operational processes and in this way support people in their day-to-day work. Scopevisio AG was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Bonn, Germany. Together with its subsidiaries and majority holdings, the Scopevisio Group employs 130 people and counts over 7,500 SMEs among its customers.