Success story of banibis ERP: partnership with finAPI simplifies bank transactions and payment reconciliation for SMEs

As an established provider of a comprehensive ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), banibis understands the challenges associated with managing company finances.

With the aim of simplifying these processes for its users and at the same time increasing security and efficiency, banibis has decided to partner with finAPI.

The starting point

banibis users were faced with the challenge of manually managing a large number of bank transactions, which was both time-consuming and resource-intensive. In addition, payments by bank transfer and direct debit should be able to be initiated directly in the ERP software for customers in order to further optimise the payment process. The need for a solution that would automate and simplify these processes was obvious.

The solution: Integration of finAPI into the ERP system

The answer to this challenge was the integration of the finAPI banking interface into the banibis ERP system. This enables users to connect their bank accounts directly, retrieve transaction data efficiently and use it for payment reconciliation and for initiating payments in accounting. finAPI is based on the PSD2-compliant XS2A interface, which enables the connection of banks in Austria, Germany, and other European countries.

Benefits for banibis users

The advantages of this integration are manifold. Automation simplifies daily financial processes, making manual intervention superfluous. In addition, finAPI’s TÜV certification and strict compliance standards ensure that data security is guaranteed. Direct bank integration saves users valuable time that they can invest in their core business. Incoming invoices can also be conveniently paid directly via the ERP system.

Enhanced functions and user-friendliness

Alongside seamless integration, finAPI offers additional functionalities that make payment reconciliation in the ERP system even more efficient. The traceability of the payment process is guaranteed by detailed logs and a unique ordering party reference. Integration is extremely simple and takes place with a single click, followed by secure 2FA authentication.

banibis supplements the functionalities of the ERP with its own accounting module, which is specially tailored to the needs of SMEs. Recurring payments can be reconciled completely automatically using customised payment reconciliation rules. In addition, it is possible to configure actions for payment reconciliation, such as the automatic storage of IBANs directly with the customer.

Outlook: Further development through partnership

The collaboration between banibis and finAPI marks a milestone in the automation and security of financial processes for SMEs. With innovative solutions and a clear focus on customer needs, banibis is setting new standards in the industry.

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