Categorise account transactions

Intelligent API for categorising account transactions

Financial assistant, financial manager, financial planner or personal finance manager – there are numerous names for innovative financial tools that provide an overview of your finances. But all these tools have one thing in common: they require an account analysis and reliable, automated categorisation of account transactions into different categories.

finAPI’s keyword labelling service for categorisation provides you with a reliable solution for quickly and easily filtering and analysing financial data or account data and creating reports that are most relevant to you and your use case.

Precise categorisation

Categorisation with over 200 labels for private and business accounts.

We have developed our Keyword Labelling Service to optimally categorise account transactions. With the help of this service, transactions are automatically assigned specific keywords or labels.

Labels are used for categorisation and enable users to better organise and understand their financial activities. Several labels from different categories can be assigned to individual transactions. For example, car financing is assigned the labels “Loan” and “Mobility”. This enables extremely precise categorisation and facilitates detailed analysis of financial data.

The entire keyword labelling system for categorising account transactions.

Use Cases for Categorisation

Categorisation is the basis for many more use cases

You can use keyword labels to categorise account transactions into meaningful groups. This allows you to quickly and easily filter and analyse transactions and create reports that are relevant and important for you and your use case.

Categorisation and financial analyses in financial apps

Financial apps offer a variety of features that allow users to manage their financial situation, create budgets, make investments and track their spending. Categorisation allows users to get an overview of their income and expenditure and understand what they are spending their money on.

Digital income check instead of paper salary statement

Companies that offer goods or services on a credit basis can use income checks to check the solvency of their customers. One use case for the KreditCheck is to verify a regular income by telecommunications companies before a mobile phone contract with a smartphone is concluded.


Contract recognition

When analysing account transactions, we reliably identify insurance contracts, credit agreements and utility contracts such as gas or electricity.

This information can be used, for example, to provide customers with a better overview of existing contracts and to optimise desired insurances.

Credit check for loans

The KreditCheck makes lending much easier for you and your customers. An account insight provides you with a quick, simple and reliable analysis of your customer’s income and expenditure as well as any risk factors.

And the best thing? The KreditCheck is available via Rest API or as a ready-to-use zero-integration solution.

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The categorisation of financial data provides detailed insights into income and expenditure and also forms the basis for numerous individual applications and customised solutions for you and your customers.

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