Digitalization and automation in accounting

Accounting processes can be automated and made more efficient by using finAPI to connect your business accounts directly into your IT system. This makes everything from outgoing payments to employees and suppliers or incoming payments from customers, through to payment management, receivables management, or liquidity planning easier and quicker – and it reduces the possibility of human error.

Connect business accounts to your accounting software

Having business accounts at different banks does not need to make your accounting processes more difficult. You can integrate accounts from multiple banks into your accounting software or ERP system via our PSD2-compliant banking interface. This API interface allows you to view and integrate account information and even initiate payments if you wish.

Direct debits and transfers made easy with finAPI

Do you collect payment directly from customer accounts by collective direct debit? You pay your employees’ salaries using a collective transfer? Can your customers pay via bank transfer and direct debit in your online store? All of this can be done more easily using payment solutions from finAPI. Our software is quick and easy to integrate into your systems. And easy to use for your employees and customers alike.

Automated payment matching simplifies accounting

Our accounting API can connect accounts and analyze account transactions for automated payment matching. Unpaid invoices can be detected automatically, making sending reminders easier. Receivables management including reminders and final warnings can also be automated. 

Liquidity and cash flow management using direct bank connection

Business accounts can be connected to your accounting software via our banking API. Transactions can be analyzed to aid liquidity planning and cash flow management. This data is examined in real time, providing an optimal basis for even complex financial planning. Find out more about finAPI data intelligence analytics.