Cash flow and risk analysis for automated credit decisions

Private customers and companies apply for loans worth billions of euros every year. Many applications are still checked manually by banks and credit institutions, involving an enormous amount of time and effort. But creditworthiness can also be analyzed automatically with finAPI’s Digital Account Check, saving time and avoiding human error.

Digital account check and credit assessment - online and in real time

A look at a loan applicant’s bank transactions provides an indication of his or her creditworthiness. Various risk factors, such as chargebacks, are part of the analysis of credit rating. For lenders this means less effort and more certainty when making credit decisions.


How does the digital account check for credit granting work?

1. Login-in to online banking

The customer logs into his online banking via a secure finAPI website.

2. Account analysis in real time

Bank transactions are retrieved and analyzed. Cash flow is examined, and risk factors are determined to provide a credit assessment.

3. Result of the account analysis

The result is available immediately after the credit application has been checked. If the credit is approved, the loan can be transferred directly. Both lenders and borrowers benefit from this quick and easy process.


Advantages for lenders


Advantages for borrowers


Do you have questions about the Digital Account Check?

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Supplementary identity check or full digital KYC check

With our KYC solution finAPI GiroIdent, you can identify customers in real time via their bank account. Identification can easily be integrated into the digital credit application process. finAPI GiroIdent: Fast, secure and completely AMLA compliant.