Digital account check enables creditworthiness analysis in seconds

Do you know what your customers’ finances really look like? To prevent a possible default on online purchases or loans, it is advisable to check a customer’s creditworthiness beforehand. Analyzing the financial situation can also be useful at a later point in time in order to agree a line of credit payment in installments. And the cash flow analysis can be used to the optimal times for direct debit and other important payments.

Our data intelligence analysis goes far beyond a simple categorization of account data. With our cash flow analysis, you complete the financial picture of your customers and gain a deeper insight into their financial situation.

Cash flow analysis: Income

Income is the key element of any cash flow analysis. We can not only identify wages, salaries, pension and retirement payments, but also numerous other sources of income such as from investment, real estate, government benefits or interest.

Cash flow analysis: Rent and Living

For most people the largest regular monthly expense is rent and living. In addition to monthly rental costs or repayments of real estate loans, our Data Intelligence analyzes other related expenses, e.g. for electricity and gas, household services, purchases for the house or garden, furniture or household appliances and other housing costs. Thanks to this complete financial overview, you have a more complete picture of your clients’ creditworthiness.

Cash flow analysis: Banking and Credit

Our “Banking and Credit” data intelligence report provides you with an analysis of all expenses for banking and credit. All transactions involving loans and leases, bank and account management fees as well as credit card statements and cash payments are included in the digital credit assessment.

Cash flow analysis: Insurance

Most Germans have good overall insurance cover. But according to the German Federal Statistical Office, they are often not covered or inadequately covered for existential risks. This might be occupational disability insurance, health insurance or pension provision, but also other sensible insurances such as liability, travel, or accident insurance. Our cash flow analysis of insurance shows you how much your clients spend on various insurances. You can obtain even more detailed information using finAPI’s contract recognition.

Cash flow analysis: Maximum Available Funds

An analysis of maximum available funds is not just about checking the balance in somebody’s checking account. Our cash flow analysis provides a deep insight into your customer’s financial situation and includes not only the liquid funds from demand deposits in the bank account(s), but also the short-term available funds from overdraft facilities.

Cash flow analysis: Triggers for events and changes

Regular analysis can identify sales opportunities. Recognizing significant changes in account activity can help companies to identify needs and pinpoint sales opportunities. Customers, in turn, benefit from tailored offers at the right time and improved financial advice. A newly closed real estate loan could be the trigger for a homeowner insurance quote, to give just one example.

Cash flow analysis: B2B Balances

What can be done for individuals can also be done for companies. Our B2B Balance Analysis determines the account balance of companies’ business accounts. By logging into online banking via our banking API, companies can have an instant overview of current account balances from several banks using one single interface.


Easy integration into your systems via banking API

Have you already integrated our banking API finAPI Access? Then you can seamlessly integrate all cash flow analysis for digital credit scoring and other data intelligence services into your existing systems. Or you can integrate the cash flow analysis into your existing software independently of finAPI Access. We offer you the convenient Webform solution for this purpose, with which we take care of the import of bank details as well as other data sources.


Risk analysis and automated contract recognition complete the Data Intelligence module

In addition, finAPI’s Data Intelligence module offers numerous other analysis functions that give you a deeper insight into your customers’ financial situation and enable complex analyses. Depending on your requirements you can add special risk analysis or integrate automated contract recognition to your finAPI package. If you need advice on the analysis options, just contact us