finAPI online payment methods for accounting & e-commerce

Optimize your bookkeeping or the check-out of your online store with finAPI’s Payment API. Using Payment API you can easily integrate transfers, multiple transfers, direct debit and multiple direct debit in accordance with SEPA in the entire European payment area. Rely on finAPI’s software and APIs to accept and make payments optimize your transaction processes.

The implementation of the interface for online payments is fast and straightforward, as are the transactions between you and your customers.

finAPI Payments

Advantages of our payment options

finAPI's Payments API can do it all: transfers, scheduled and collective transfers, standing orders, and even instant payments

With our payment API you have various transfer options: You can use our interface to pay via SEPA bank transfer, scheduled transfer, bulk transfer, standing order or instant payment in real-time. Online stores can easily integrate the finAPI online bank transfer as a payment method in the check-out and make payment easier for their customers.

A must-have: Payments via direct debit and collective direct debit

Direct debit is one of the most popular payment methods and is a must-have way of accepting money for businesses. With our payment module, you can integrate this payment method into your accounting software or online store in no time at all. finAPI allows you to use both single direct debits and collective direct debits.