finAPI Payments

Collection of payments using SEPA direct debits

With the finAPI Payment module for SEPA direct debits you can be sure that your company can collect payments smoothly. Thanks to the Payment API, you can easily collect single and collective direct debits.


The biggest advantages at a glance


finAPI Direct Debit API: The easy and convenient way to pay online

Direct debit is the preferred payment method for many customers. The customer gives you permission for direct debit, and you collect the amount due from the customer’s account on the agreed date. A convenient payment method for your customers, e.g. in the online store, and also an efficient payment method for accounting and internal payment transactions.

Single or collective payments. No problem.

Our Direct Debit API allows you to collect payment due from your customers’ accounts by direct debit as individual sums or by collective direct debits. This ensures smooth, secure and convenient receipt of monies due.

Verification of identity, age, or address

With our KYC solutions for identity verification and fraud prevention, you not only comply with legal requirements for the protection of minors and anti-money-laundering laws. You also minimize your exposure to enabling or being the victim of fraud.

Reduce risk of non-payment and prevent fraud

Our data intelligence analyses allow you to check individual transactions for creditworthiness and risk of non-payment. Various cash flow and risk analysis options are available can be chosen according to your needs.