Digitalization of credit processes

Automate your credit checks for private and business customers - from installment loans to real estate financing.

Quick & safe decisions

Comprehensive financial overview of all accounts including third-party banks and comparison with the SCHUFA database.


KreditCheck & LoanValidator are available as a zero-integration solution. The application is started via a URL.

finAPI KreditCheck

KreditCheck for the automation of the loan process

Lending will be easier, faster and safer for you and your customers in the future with the KreditCheck. You get an analysis of your customer’s income and expenses as well as a budget statement based on an account insight. Thus, you get an overview of all accounts within seconds – also from third-party banks.

The concept is designed as a zero-integration solution, so that no complex integration into your back-end systems is required and you receive audit-proof documentation.

finAPI LoanValidator

LoanValidator is the perfect complement to KreditCheck

Loans that are detected when looking at the bank account are matched with reported loans at SCHUFA using the finAPI LoanValidator. This gives you a more complete picture of your customer’s financial situation and you can see at a glance what he/she can really afford. You will also receive a PDF file as a result, which you can use to document your consultation.

Your manual effort is reduced, your employees are relieved and your credit decisions are accelerated.

Creditworthiness check

Advantages of a credit check by account analysis

  • Credit check via account analysis

    Based on an account analysis, you will receive (with your customer's consent) an analysis of his income and expenses as well as a budget statement as a basis for the credit decision.

  • Financial overview of all accounts

    In just seconds, you receive an up-to-date financial overview of all your customer's accounts. Accounts of third-party banks can also be included in the credit check.

  • For construction, personal and corporate loans

    Automate your credit checks for private and business customers - from installment loans to real estate financing.

  • Evaluation according to your specifications

    The evaluation takes place in 4 evaluation clusters and is summarized in a clear overall result. The evaluation clusters can be adapted to your individual needs.

  • Comparison with reported credits at SCHUFA

    Loans that are detected when looking at the bank account can be compared with reported loans at the SCHUFA using the finAPI LoanValidator. (The SCHUFA does not receive any account data of the customer.)

  • No integration effort

    The KreditCheck and LoanValidator are designed as a zero-integration solution, meaning that no integration into your backend system is required. The application is simply called via a URL.

  • No maintenance. No hosting.

    The responsibility for frontend and backend lies with finAPI. We take care of the maintenance and hosting. You can use both products complementary or parallel to your existing system.

  • Audit-compliant documentation

    Audit-compliant documentation (PDF, csv) and transfer via REST API to your systems takes place. A PDF of the results can also be made available to your customer.

  • Optimize processes. Increase efficiency.

    Digitalize and accelerate the processes of loan origination. Your manual effort and costs are reduced and your employees are relieved.

  • Modular supplements & more products

    Are you looking for a special account analysis or would you like to identify customers via their bank account? With the Data Intelligence and KYC modules, we offer numerous possibilities - We will be happy to advise you!

Modular Platform

Additional products and supplementary analyses

Our product solutions are modular and flexible, meaning you choose only the components you need to implement your use case.Here you can find more information. Here you can find more information about the various analyses and reports as well as our  payment and KYC solutions.

Detailed information

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