finAPI GiroCheck: Proof of customer liquidity via digital account check

Would you sign a contract with a client who cannot provide sufficient proof of his or her creditworthiness? Probably not, Previously, proof was sometimes difficult to provide. Now finAPI GiroCheck gives your customers the opportunity to easily prove their solvency via a one-time account check.

How does the liquidity check with finAPI GiroCheck work?

If your customers agree to a liquidity check via finAPI GiroCheck, they will be redirected from your website to a secure page provided by finAPI. There they log into their online banking and the account data is analyzed once. Only relevant information is taken into account, such as sufficient account coverage and regular incoming payments. The customer then receives an indication of his or her chances of obtaining the desired contract.

How are the results of the liquidity check communicated?

The initial liquidity assessment is presented to the customer. Based on this, he or she can decide whether this information should be forwarded to you or not. If the results are passed on to you, you can use them to decide whether to make the customer an offer. If the customer does not allow the results of the liquidity check to be forwarded to you, the transaction does not proceed.

Consumers and merchants both benefit

Online consumers want to conclude transactions quickly and easily, and this is no different if the transaction requires proof of liquidity. Companies have no interest in providing services to people who will not be able to pay. finAPI GiroCheck helps both sides by clearing up liquidity questions smoothly.

Many merchants ask credit bureaus about the creditworthiness of new customers. Sometimes there is not yet enough information about a customer for a positive decision at credit bureaus, e.g. in the case of young customers. Instead of rejecting the contract as before, you can now give these customers an opportunity to prove their liquidity with finAPI GiroCheck. This allows you to increase your target group and boost your sales.

Viable contracts

Automation of payment management processes

Integrate finAPI GiroCheck into your online store or digital sales process and benefit from this simple and secure liquidity check. Generate additional sales and acquire new customers. Stand out positively from your competitors with this service and increase customer loyalty.

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"Use finAPI GiroCheck to conclude sales contracts quickly and simply."

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