Know your customer

KYC is easy with finAPI:
Online identification and payment

Comply with customer identification regulations: Identify customers and business partners quickly and reliably via their bank accounts. Online stores can also use the finAPI online bank transfer. Payment can then be combined with an identity or age check at the check-out.

GiroIdent: KYC check using intelligent account analysis

With the help of our KYC solutions finAPI GiroIdent Basis, Plus, Youth Protection, or GwG, you can identify your customers online securely, quickly, easily. This intelligent account analysis works without customers having to switch websites. The finAPI product you need depends on the level of security legally required for your business, and ranges from a simple name check to a full AMLA/GwG check.

Ident & Pay: Identification and payment via online banking in one step

Many online stores are required to request proof of customers’ age or identity. finAPI Ident & Pay gives online shops the ability to verify customer identification and accept payment via online bank transfer in a single step, without customers having to switch to a different website.