E-payments for online stores and apps

Customers want to be able to pay easily when shopping online. With finAPI you can integrate the two most common payment methods into your online store or app: Online bank transfers and direct debits. The KYC check of customers or business partners can also be included in the process. Various identity checks are available for this purpose using our finAPI GiroIdent solutions.

Payment via finAPI online transfer in e-shops

The finAPI online bank transfer works similarly to a classic online bank transfer. At the checkout in your online store, customers can select bank transfer as payment method. After clicking on “Pay now”, customers are taken to a secure finAPI page. They then agree to the terms of use and log into their online banking. A second authentication factor (PIN/TAN) confirms the payment. You then receive direct confirmation that the payment has been initiated.

Payment by direct debit in e-commerce

Direct debit payment is popular among customers as a simple and convenient way to pay invoices by direct debit. You can offer this payment option to your customers both offline and in your online store. By integrating finAPI Access and the Debit add-on for direct debits into your accounting software, you can optimize processes and save time and effort.

Identify customers and verify age or address online

It is not always easy to identify a customer, check age or verify an address for shipping online. Customers can’t just hand you their identity cards. finAPI’s GiroIdent can identify customers and business partners via their bank accounts. We offer various services: GiroIdent Basis for name verification, GiroIdent Plus for age and address verification, GiroIdent GwG for identity verification in accordance with simplified due diligence requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA). And with GiroIdent myConnect, finAPI even offers a full KYC verification in accordance with the paragraph 12 of AMLA.