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Fast and reliable live tests of finAPI with test bank "MockBank"

Extensive testing is of course necessary to assure quality and security for customers and users. finAPI it is happy to provide you with a free account to the finAPI test system for 30 days. Here you can also to use preset accounts of a test bank.

If these test options do not offer the required scope for your application, we have a more comprehensive option for testing bank and account constellations in cooperation with MockBank. MockBank is a digital test bank that you can administer yourself to simulate functions, accounts, and transactions of real banks in your application.

The finAPI Banking API and additional finAPI products such as data intelligence analysis and payment functions can all be tested extensively using MockBank.

Test options with test bank

The following "extended" test functions at MockBank are available to you as a finAPI customer:


Account information service

Payment initiation service

Admin API / UI

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About MockBank

Short introduction of MockBank

MockBank is a digital trial bank for testing financial software applications. Companies can easily create customers, accounts, balances, and transactions at MockBank.

Your custom-created test data is immediately available for your individual test scenarios via finAPI’s account information and payment initiation services.

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