The online bank transfer: Indispensable for day-to-day bookkeeping and online stores

In Germany alone, over 6 billion bank transfers are made each year. They are probably the most frequently used cashless payment method. You can easily integrate the payment interface for online SEPA transfers using finAPI. Just a few clicks and your IT systems and online check-out are ready to go.


Your advantages at a glance

finAPI online bank transfer for e-commerce

A finAPI Online Transfer is a transfer initiated via finAPI’s payment initiation service. Customers are redirected in the check-out of the online store to a secure finAPI website. There, they log into their online banking and authorize the transfer with a TAN. Merchants receive direct confirmation of the successfully initiated transaction.

Improving payment efficiency in day-to-day bookkeeping

Reduce time and effort needed to make payments in your company’s accounts department and optimize processes. Integrating finAPI Online Bank Transfer into your accounting systems is easy and transfers of invoices and multiple transfers e.g. of salaries become even easier. The result is improved efficiency in day-to-day bookkeeping.

Scheduled transfers: a win for you and your customers

Our Payment API also offers the option of scheduling transfers on specific dates, and further optimizing your accounting work.

With our online transfer service you can give your customers the option of paying invoices on a specific date by scheduled transfer.

Scheduled transfers to prevent non-payment

Scheduling transfers can also help to prevent non-payment and avoid late payment. When customers log into their online banking, finAPI’s DebitFlex can suggest the optimal date for an outstanding transfer. If our finAPI systems detect that a scheduled transfer would be likely to fail due to lack of funds, it can also be set up to suggest an installment plan to the customer.


Do you have questions about finAPI Online Transfers?

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