Innovative receivables management supported by account analysis

finAPI’s DebitFlex brings together the interests of companies for smooth payment with the sometimes limited financial possibilities of their customers. Via a one-time bank account insight approved by the customer, realistic payment options for settling outstanding debts are determined. Both sides benefit from this intelligent solution.

Friendly payment reminder with finAPI DebitFlex

It is best to send your customers a friendly message via e-mail, SMS, or WhatsApp before the first official reminder. A link in the message takes customers to a secure finAPI page, where they can check their personal payment options and also make payment directly online. This is a simple way to deal with both outstanding payments and hotline or e-mail inquiries.

One-time account check to determine current liquidity

finAPI first carries out a bank account check with approval of the account holder. Based on the account data finAPI can then suggest an individual payment proposal: immediate payment, deferred payment or a personal installment plan. The customer’s financial possibilities are taken into account, and your company benefits from faster payment, fewer defaults and less admin.

Customized payment options

Depending on the results of the account check, your customers are offered various payment options. If there are sufficient funds in the account, finAPI DebitFlex suggests an immediate payment via online bank transfer. The second payment option is a deferred payment in the form of a scheduled transfer at a later date. The third payment option is installment payment, where finAPI suggests an installment plan.


The advantages of finAPI DebitFlex for managing receivables

The goal of DebitFlex is to find a solution for companies and consumers that benefits both sides. Companies receive payment with less stress, and reduce their outstanding receivables and payment defaults. Consumers reduce the debts and the risk of additional fees or even legal proceedings.


finAPI DebitFlex in the press:
"Good customer relationship even when there are payment problems"

Read how finAPI DebitFlex brings together the receivables management of companies with the individual needs of consumers.


Selected references

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