Identity verification and payment

Combine online payment with a digital KYC check via bank account

Many online companies are required to ask for proof of customers’ age or identity, e.g. when selling or advertising alcohol or tobacco, or providing services such as certain movies, online games, gambling, or other adult content.

With finAPI Ident & Pay, identification and age verification take place in one smooth step together with payment via online bank transfer directly through the customer’s bank account. This is all done easily and conveniently online.

Identification and age verification via customers' online banking

Identification and age verification online are not as simple as in offline business, where customers can show their ID in person. That’s why we offer finAPI GiroIdent, a digital service for verifying identity and age as well as matching addresses via the customer’s online bank account.

Easy payment for online stores via finAPI bank transfer

With the finAPI online bank transfer you can offer your customers a simple and direct payment option via online banking. The big advantage for your customers is that they do not have to register or create an account, they just need their login for their bank account. The money is then transferred directly.

How our intelligent finAPI Ident & Pay solution works

At the check-out customers select Ident & Pay for identification and payment by online transfer via their online banking. Then they are redirected to a secure page provided by finAPI.

The customers log in and grants finAPI access to their online banking. After successful identity verification, customers approve the transfer with a TAN. You will receive a real-time confirmation of the identity verification as well as the initiation of the transfer, and you can release the order.

Are you legally required to check customers' age?

For companies involved in alcohol, tobacco, or content considered harmful to minors, finAPI Ident & Pay fulfil the requirements of the German youth protection law (JuSchG) easily and cost-effectively in a single step.

Option for gambling providers and lotteries to protect against gambling addiction

Our Data Intelligence module can analyze account transactions and identify transfers and debits related to gambling. This risk analysis supports you in complying with Germany gambling laws (Glücksspielstaatsvertrag – GlüStV). Gambling limits can be individually adjusted and players can be protected from excessive gambling before it becomes a problem.