Combine different data analysis functions to suit your needs

The finAPI Data Intelligence module enables comprehensive account analysis to give you a deeper insight into the financial situation of your company or your customers. Functions such as categorization, cash flow analysis, risk analysis and contract recognition can be combined to give you the information you need.


Categorize account sales with over 99% accuracy

Our categorization add-on automatically divides account sales into different categories. Our systems achieve a high hit accuracy of up to over 99% in the most relevant categories. If our standard categories are not sufficient for you, you can use the PFM Add-on to create your own categories and labels. This gives you your own individual Personal Finance Manager.


Cashflow analysis to evaluate your customers' liquidity

Our cash flow analyses can provide you with a deeper understanding of your customers’ financial situation. Get a deeper insight into the liquidity of your customers and valid data for automated credit checks – reliably and quickly!


Risk analysis to identify risk factors

Play it safe. Our Data Intelligence module’s risk analysis uncovers account transactions that may be associated with an increased payment risk. This includes transactions like chargebacks, collections, gambling, and seizures.


Reliable recognition of insurance contracts and credit agreements

Our account analysis can automatically recognise contracts with key players such as insurance companies or credit institutions. Our system reliably recognizes both long-standing contracts and new contracts. This enables you to advise customers in the way they need: Accurately, with up-to-date information and personally tailored to the customer’s individual needs.

finAPI Girocheck

Liquidity check via account analysis

With finAPI GiroCheck you can give your customers the opportunity to prove their current solvency via a one-off account analysis. This allows customers who cannot otherwise prove their creditworthiness a chance to make a purchase or conclude a contract.

finAPI Debitflex

Receivables management tool

finAPI DebitFlex is a customer-oriented receivables management tool for the smooth settlement of open receivables. finAPI determines suitable payment proposals – immediate payment, deferred payment or payment by installments – at the customer’s request by using a one-off account analysis.

finAPI Smart sales Advisor

Account analysis for insurance

Optimise the quality of your advice and your customers’ insurance cover with the help of finAPI Smart Sales Advisor. Digital account analyses identify existing insurance contracts and any so-called “life-changing events” which may require actioning. Based on this information, you can provide customers with tailored advice and create optimized insurance offers.