easybill uses the bank interface of finAPI to integrate bank accounts into billing software

From the initial offer to the final payment, companies have to deal with a lot of paperwork. With its cloud-based billing software, our partner easybill offers the perfect solution for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed people to avoid precisely this paperwork. With the help of the software, users can create offers, order confirmations, invoices or payment reminders in no time at all and send them directly.

For an automated payment reconciliation, they can connect their bank account with the easybill billing software to match the received payments to the open invoices. This saves time and is easy to use even without prior knowledge of accounting.

Continuous further development including banking and payment services

Updates and improvements to the billing software are standard practice at easybill. This means that the software is always up to date with current tax law, but also that the functions continue to develop in line with market conditions and customer requirements.

In recent years, banking and the payment behavior of customers have changed a lot. Payments are increasingly being made via PayPal or by credit card. Many companies no longer keep their business account with one of the large traditional banks, but use direct banks or neobanks, such as N26, Revolut, Qonto or Bunq. This was one of the reasons why easybill was looking for a new provider for the bank interface and chose finAPI.

finAPI is new partner for payment reconciliation

In addition to their bank account, customers can now also connect credit card accounts or the PayPal business account with easybill via the finAPI interface and use them for automated payment reconciliation. The connection of a bank account via finAPI is simple, fast and secure via the finAPI web form with a login in online banking.

The invoicing software gives you the option to set up a filter before importing the bank data so that, for example, only incoming payments are imported for automated payment reconciliation with the open invoices. How this works exactly is explained by easybill in this short video or in the easybill help center.

" This new partnership is our fulfillment of our customers' requirements and wishes for further functions and improvements in the banking module. Via finAPI, our customers can now reliably connect almost every bank in Germany and Austria, and additionally credit card accounts and PayPal. This was one of the reasons why we decided to switch to finAPI."
Markus Keyser
Head of Support at easybill GmbH

finAPI will also be a partner for direct debits in the future

Soon, it will be possible for users to collect direct debits directly via the finAPI interface. Creating, downloading and manually sending a SEPA XML file to the bank will no longer be necessary thanks to finAPI. You can find out when direct debit collection via finAPI will be available in the invoicing software directly by contacting easybill.

About easybill

easybill has around 30 employees working at two office locations and several remote workstations.

Our support team from Willich and Forchheim supports our customers on the phone and also via e-mail support.

Our developers ensure the continuous smooth further development of easybill, without customers experiencing any constraints during the process.

easybill GmbH was founded in 2007 and has a lot of experience in the field of billing software, both for your local business and for your online business. www.easybill.de