Financial planning and credit checks via account analysis

Puls partners with finAPI for financial tool for small and medium-sized businesses

For business owners, it is extremely important to have a good and, above all, up-to-date overview of the financial situation of their company. Accounting systems usually only provide the status quo, but hardly allow planning ahead for liquidity in the coming weeks or even months. This was the challenge that the founders of Puls were facing. Therefore, they have developed a tool especially for medium-sized businesses that supports cash flow and liquidity planning. And should a company run into a liquidity bottleneck, the tool can directly provide a credit check for fast, unbureaucratic instant loans.

Connection of corporate accounts via finAPI Banking API

The basis for financial planning, liquidity analysis and credit checks is the connection of bank accounts via the finAPI interface. finAPI has a bank coverage of over 99% in Germany and is therefore available to almost the entire German SME sector and all Puls users. Customers can connect all their accounts to Puls to get an overall balance and thus the perfect financial overview. Together with upcoming plans, the tool enables forecasting of finances for the future. Depending on the projected balance, managers can plan early actions to avoid difficulties or seize opportunities for investments.

Check credit limit via account analysis and apply directly for loans online

By connecting the company accounts, users can directly find out the possible credit line for their company. Puls calculates the available credit limit based on various financial data and the cash flow of the connected account. Companies can apply for the credit directly online – only the contract signature still has to be done on paper. The mandatory identification in accordance with the Money Laundering Act is carried out today via VideoIdent – but in the future, an even faster, more user-friendly pure online solution for KYC checks is already being discussed.

Online bank transfer payments via finAPI Banking API

Salaries, invoices, or even tax payments can easily be transferred directly from the connected account to the payee’s account via the application. This also works via finAPI interface. Expenses for the future can be planned as a scheduled transfer. Real-time transfers or standing orders are also possible via finAPI. This saves time and effort.

finAPI is licensed by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (German: Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht or abbreviated BaFin) as an account information and payment initiation service provider and thus has the official permission to provide these services.

About Montold / Puls Project

Puls Project is a treasury system. Instant financing of up to 100,000 euros within the system has become a reality thanks to our private fond Montold. No documents are required to get an always available credit line, and users can take a loan when needed in 2 hours. Puls Project not only highlights where cache gains may occur or whether it’s a good time to expand the business but also offers funding to do so.

Do you have any questions about the Banking API or the account analysis for credit checks? Write us.

Information about digital account checks can be found in our Data Intelligence module. finAPI supports you with a very precise categorization of account data, variousCash flow analysis API and risk analyses as well as contract recognition, e.g. for the recognition of insurance and credit contracts. You can find more information in the Data Intelligence products section.

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