Automated credit application processes via online bank account analysis

Liquidity and risk analysis makes credit decisions easier

Credit applications from banks and financial service providers are still often checked manually with an enormous amount of effort. With finAPI’s Digital Account Check, creditworthiness can be analyzed online and automatically in real time.

finAPI offers a BaFin-licensed account information service. This account information service, provided as an online service, allows loan applicants to transmit account information quickly and conveniently to the bank or potential lender to prove their creditworthiness.

How the Digital Account Check works - online and in real time

  1. The applicant agrees to the terms of use and logs into his online banking via a secure finAPI website
  2. finAPI retrieves the account information and analyzes the data required for the loan application process
  3. Within seconds the result of the check is available and the applicant can be notified of the decision on the loan

Which liquidity and risk analyses does the Digital Account Check include?

A glance at the account gives a very accurate indication of the applicant’s current financial situation. Our various data intelligence analyses have a very high accuracy and are constantly improving through artificial intelligence.

Our cash flow analysis identifies the customer’s income very accurately, making salary or other income statements in paper form unnecessary. Expenses are also identified, including the cost of rent and living, mobility, insurance, travel, savings, and also repayments on existing loans and financing.

The finAPI risk analysis enables specific risk factors to be identified with a high degree of accuracy. Items such as direct debits that failed due to lack of funds or bookings directly related to seizures, gambling, or debt collection can be recognized.

Added value for lenders and borrowers

Whether it’s a real estate loan, installment loan, leasing or overdraft facility, the digital account check with finAPI makes loan approvals easier. The process is digitized making it faster, more secure and more efficient. Banks and their customers both benefit. Here are the advantages at a glance: 


  • Secure verification of liquidity based on valid account data
  • High protection against fraud
  • Reduction of manual effort, no paperwork
  • Increase in approval rates
  • Fast loan decision and disbursement
  • User-friendly application for satisfied customers


For more information about the Digital Account Check, please click here or write to us.