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The financial services industry has experienced rapid technological development in
recent years. And we are currently facing one of the greatest changes in our industry
has known. Thanks to newer technologies, companies are able to develop highly
specific tailored solutions suitable to the individual needs of their customers. Young
people in particular, who have grown up with the internet, mobile devices, and social
media, increasingly expect and demand such solutions.

The opportunities opened up by open banking are wide-ranging and go far beyond
banking services. Open banking also enables information and communication technology
companies, insurance companies, online retailers, and companies in many
other industries to use new digital applications themselves and offer their customers
individual services. And yet this process is just the beginning. Older consumers are realizing
the advantages of such services and are starting to show interest. The number
of users and offerings can and will grow significantly.

finAPI accompanies companies on this growth path. We are a Munich-based company
developing software for banks and financial service providers since 2008. Our
experience and expertise enable us to create state-of-the-art software solutions for
and with our customers, and to integrate open banking services into the services of
companies from a wide range of industries. We look forward to developing individual,
customized solutions for you and your customers.

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