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Whistleblowing system for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing

Both money laundering and facilitating the financing of terrorism are serious criminal offenses. As a payment initiation and account information service provider, finAPI is legally obliged to pay special attention to these issues. We are happy to play our part in making money laundering and terrorist financing more difficult, detecting possible criminal activity, and reporting such activity to the relevant authorities.

Whistleblowers with internal knowledge of the company’s activities are particularly important. They may be directly employed by finAPI, work for a finAPI supplier or as a freelancer. Concrete information can help to effectively combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Whistleblowers are of great importance in identifying violations of money laundering laws and regulations. If you know anything about possible violations please let us know. This can also help us to avoid negative consequences for finAPI.

To ensure that whistleblowers do not suffer any disadvantages as a result of passing on information, this can be done completely anonymously. There is no technical possibility to trace you, but you may wish to avoid including any information that allows conclusions to be drawn about your person. You can, of course, leave your name or contact details if you wish.


All reports are treated with absolute confidentiality, even if you provide your contact details. The information that you pass on can only be seen by the money laundering officer and his/her deputy.

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