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The digital income check ensures a competitive advantage with the latest technology.

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Faster application processes

Optimized scoring

Easy integration

Attractive pricing

Why use finAPI?

Online credit processes often suffer from a high cancellation rate. Applications submitted must be processed laboriously by manual processes. With finAPI® You can automate many steps and optimize for your customers. With finAPI® you can achieve the following benefits:

• Reduction of the cancellation rates by an automatically completed application based on actual expenditure.
• Direct verification of customer information based on account sales.
• Expansion of your models on the basis of categorized expenditure.

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Connect with finAPI International banks

With finAPI® You can also rely on sales data of international banks if you wish. So there is nothing in the way of expanding your business model. With finAPI® you are ready for the future!

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How does finAPI work?

There are several ways to integrate finAPI®. For most customers, our SaaS product is eligible. We take over the hosting in our data center. Customer data is only stored for processing the application and is then completely deleted again. The SaaS operating concept offers the following advantages:

  • Easy integration in no time
  • Low IT costs
  • Attractive pricing based on actual usage
For Financial Service Providers

How can we support you?

Benefit from our long experience in developing software for financial services providers. We are happy to implement our own products and ideas for you. We support you in:

• Connection of finAPI® to your software.
• Development of software solutions around the subject of credit application and scoring.
• Technical conception of innovative application processes based on our know-how.

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