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Why use finAPI?

Many ERP applications benefit from a connection to the banking system. With finAPI® you can integrate almost all German and Austrian banks into your ERP application with little effort. Our intelligent services (e.g. sales categorisation) allow you to develop innovative products and added value. Offer your users the opportunity to keep an even better eye on their business. With finAPI® you benefit from:

• Mature technology developed for the banking environment.
• support for bank transfers and direct debits.
• Intelligent services for process optimization in the ERP environment.

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Connect with finAPI International banks

With finAPI® You can also rely on sales data of international banks if you wish. So there is nothing in the way of expanding your business model. With finAPI® you are ready for the future!

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How does finAPI work?

There are several ways to integrate finAPI®. Our SaaS product is suitable for most ERP software vendors. We take over the hosting in our computer center. You can easily retrieve the required data via our API. The SaaS operating concept offers the following advantages:

  • Easy integration in no time.
  • Low implementation time and cost.
  • Attractive pricing based on actual usage.
For Financial Service Providers

How can we support you?

Take advantage of our long experience in the development of software products. We are happy to take over parts of the software development for you or support your team in development. We support you in:

• Connection of finAPI® to your ERP software.
• Development of complex applications or partial deliveries.
• Training your employees.

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